“Russell is an inspirational, dedicated and hugely
talented teacher who has infinite patience”

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Russell Scott is a professional voice coach and works with singers of all ages from young children to mature adults.  He works across several styles of music including his own passions of musical theatre and classical, but also in folk, pop and rock.  

His studio is based in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire (just 25mins from central London), and is fully setup with state of the art technology and a beautiful baby grand piano.

He is an inspirational dedicated and talented teacher who has infinite patience. He has an outstanding reputation coupled with great care and support to singers who have the desire to succeed. He has outstanding knowledge and passion for musical perfection. 

He works regularly, privately and in schools, with both emerging and established performers, and has a reputation for ‘OUTSTANDING’ results, audition preparation for schools, music colleges and theatre (both amateur and professional level including West End).

Whether you are a young aspiring performer or professional, Russell Scott can help work with you on areas including:

Vocal Problems and Rehabilitation

Russell also has an excellent reputation, working with vocal problems, whether it be from strain,illness or something more serious such as vocal nodules.  He has a network of first class medical consultants he works closely with and can put together a plan for rehabilitation follow diagnosis.

Russell Scott is a certified Level II Vocal Health First Aid speclialist.

What people say.....

As a professional actress who had little confidence in singing, Russell helped me to prepare for my first professional singing job touring some of the UK's biggest arenas in “The War Of The Worlds” with excellent results. He also coached my 10 yr old son in both preparations for 11 plus music scholarships (of which he gained all sat) as well as his first professional musical theatre audition, which he ended up winning the role for in Dreamworks “The Prince Of Egypt“ in London's West End.
Russell has shown insight, encouragement and patience in making me a better and more confident singer. When so many people tell me about the dramatic improvement in my performance, I know who to thank.
Russell is the only vocal coach I trust locally for vocal hygiene. I am a professionally trained actress and I also am a qualified drama teacher. Russell has taken my voice repaired my bad habits (post baby/kids break) and taken it to an even better level than what it was prior to resting. Russell Scott is a tool every Actor to should have in their kit.
I have been having vocal coaching with Russell for many years. I have learnt so many useful techniques that I know use naturally when I sing. Through a bad patch of throat infections Russell’s help and advice was invaluable to get me back to singing again.
I have been having singing lessons with Russell for a number of years. He has helped me to strengthen and maintain my singing voice. Lessons are informative, challenging and good fun, and I greatly value his support and encouragement.
Russell is an inspiring singing teacher. Since Russell started teaching our 12 year old daughter, her singing has improved drastically and her confidence has grown alongside it. He's helped her fine tune her singing skills and maintained her passion for singing. Russell was the only singing teacher who noticed a worrying concern about her vocal cords and after a consultant referral, the correct non-invasive treatment and rehab options followed to help resolve it. He got her voice back to normal. I would highly recommend Russell as the first choice singing teacher to anyone.
Russell is a hugely versatile teacher, I’ve been going to him for 14 years working through my voice breaking, to my drama school applications and still find him an invaluable resource now as a professional performer.

Studio Facilities

The studio is Mac-based and has a Yamaha Baby Grand Piano with Midi Functionality, external Instrument Inputs available, great acoustic with Vocal Booth, using the latest technology and Logic Pro X.

The studio is used for:

    • Demo Recordings
    • Commercial Recordings
    • Backing Tracks
    • Voice Overs
    • Soundbites for Websites
    • Audioreel Production
    • Mixing & Mastering

“A superb setup with outstanding results”

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