It's time to make your choir business secure sustainable and lucrative...
it's time for the lifestyle you deserve

As choir owners, you interact with a lot of people.  Automate your processes and eliminate 95% of your administrative work and facilitate growth in membership and income for your choir with Keap for Choirs, designed exclusively for Choir Directors and Business Owners by Russell Scott.

Help your choir become the best it can be, musically, commercially and socially.

How do you make your choir more sustainable and profitable ?

Business is the activity of making living or making money by producing or buying selling products Simply put it is any activity or enterprise entered profit.  Business is the activity of making one living or making money by producing or buying selling products Simply put it is any activity or enterprise entered into for profit.

  • Free up time by eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks, such as sending emails, giving access to music files, sending rehearsal or performance details.
  • Keep track of everyone and everything in one single platform designed exclusively for Choirs!
  • Save cost by eliminating the need of additional staff, suppliers or freelancers.
  • Have more time to spend on what you enjoy, the music, the people and the creativity.
  • Facilitate growth in members and income by promoting tasters and recruiting new members through automated email campaigns and referral campaigns.

Why Keap for Choirs ?

Choir Directors running their choirs commercially often believe their choirs are ‘lifestyle businesses’ which can’t make much money. This is incorrect.

With over 25 years experience at board level, I have worked with choirs of all shapes and sizes to help them achieve success, sustainability and profitability, helping choir owners to realise their dreams and passions.

I have now systematized the processes that every choir needs for daily management and growth. The platform and processes can be implemented by everyone, and does not require any technical skills.

Choir Directors running their choirs commercially often believe their choirs are ‘lifestyle businesses’ which can’t make much money.  This is a myth. We can implement strategies to help your choir become the best it can be, musically, commercially and socially.

Keap for Choirs is specifically designed for choir directors and business owners

What is Keap for Choirs ?

Keap for Choirs is designed to take the admin out of running a choir whilst ensuring
growth in number of members and profitability.

Keap is a Customer Management System (CRM) and business automation software. We have custom adapted processes to fit a Choir’s needs

This 100% managed-for-you platform can help to remove 95% of the administrative tasks you have as a Choir owner

Keap for Choirs include ready made business process automations, specifically designed for choir owners and business owners that wants to take their Choir to the next level, get new members and increase profitability

“I am proud of a 100% satisfaction rate from my clients,
who all tell me they have had tremendous return

What other choirs say....

Moving to Keap has been a leap of faith to put it mildly but now that it is installed and working, it is nothing short of a miracle. The automation means no more endless toing and froing of emails with new members. No more sitting down to reply to a few emails and still finding myself still there two hours later. I can’t always be trusted to send the appropriate emails at the right time but Keap can. I can’t always be relied upon to remember to do various tasks, Keap will remind me. Keap means that the mundane tasks I have to do are fewer and I have more time for interesting artistic projects. Keap has lifted a weight from my shoulders. Working with Russell is a joy. His experience and knowledge means he can help to make running a choir easier and more efficient. He is positive, attentive and a good listener. He has a brain the size of a planet and the energy of a spaniel on speed!
Meg Turpin
Norwich Community Choir
Working with Russell is exciting, rewarding and fun. He brings his own substantial experience and knowledge to your problems and challenges and asks probing questions to help you decide what needs to be done. He then helps and supports you to ensure that the processes you have agreed are implemented and delivered effectively. His positivity and energy mean that even the most difficult decisions and challenges can be faced and overcome. Russell is thorough and persistent. He does not stop until he is happy that the solution is fully working and meets your needs. When any follow up is required, his response is outstanding both in speed and technical awareness. Russell is an excellent communicator. He explains things clearly and thoroughly and has helped us write clear and effective messages to communicate with members of the choir. Thanks to his commitment to ensuring we are doing the right things for our business we are now set up and ready to meet the challenges of returning to singing post-pandemic.
Susan & Chris Cox
Grand Union Community Choir

One monthly fee that includes:

  • Keap PRO with email builder, forms and surveys and advanced automation
  • 3 busness automation campaigns
  • 1:1 Training and personalised training videos to help support your learning
  • A one time £100 service credit
  • A one-time data Import*
  • A mobile app that gives you access also from your phone
  • Website integration
PLUS:  You will be mentored all the way by leading professional, Russell Scott.  Find out more in your demo.


What can you expect from Keap for Choirs ?

  • 95% less admin
  • More new members
  • A sustainable business model
  • Make more Profit
  • Retain members for longer

Packages from just
£49 per month

Your Workflow defines your work.

Stop wasting hours every week on outdated, inadequate software or tedious tasks – automating routine processes frees up more time to spend on what’s important: the music, the creativity, and the love for what you do, without the need of additional staff, suppliers, or freelancers.

Keap for Choirs gives you the business automation you need to run your choir efficiently without the mess of your existing admin.

Your Choir members go through a Member Lifecycle in their relationship with your Choir.
Keap for Choirs is looking after all these stages of the member lifecycle

Business Automations Included

Taster Campaign

Recruitment of new members whether online or in person

Taster Campaign

From initial form completion to automatic registering on Zoom, access to music, reminder emails, and follow up without the need of interaction.

Membership Campaign

New Members or Ex-Members
Join the Choir

Membership Campaign

Membership Processing emails, Subscription and Payment Setup, Access to Website Members Area, Follow Up Emails, automated with a personal touch.

Cancellation Campaign

For those times when members want to leave the Choir

Cancellation Campaign

Acknowledgement emails, updating of records, automatic restriction to wbesite access, cancellation of subscriptions and all without the need or personal contact.

Keap for Choirs has endless capabilities including

Performance Commitment Integration

Members will be able to advise availability for performances either via forms or integrated into your website

Stage Planning

Reports with voice part splits so you can plan your performances and staging with ease knowing your numbers at a glance

Special Events

Automate ticket purchasing, as well as checking for requirements such as dietary & special requests

Mailing Lists

Build your mailing lists with ease and automation, launch marketing and promotion initiatives as well as build a fanbase for ticket sales

Referral Programme

Incorporate a programme for new member referrals and setup automatic rewards to your members - a great way to add to your recruitment drive

Music Surveys

Check what music your members have to easily reconcile your inventory and music library


What benefits has automation
brought to our choir?

All our data is in one place, which makes searching and updating so much easier
The quality of our communication has improved. All emails are now personal, not generic, are branded to make it clear that they come from us and can be targeted to send a specific message to the people we want to receive it; no longer do we have to send every message to every choir member

Repetitive processes, such as enquiries about joining the choir and becoming a member, registering for rehearsals and any updates to membership terms are now handled automatically, only requiring manual intervention when it is appropriate
There is no longer a need for endless reminders and post-it notes to remember to do things; the system reminds us
Our website is now fully integrated with our data systems so that members can easily access the resources they need

An additional, significant benefit is that to automate we have had to evaluate every aspect of how we run the choir. This has meant that we have updated and changed processes which were time consuming to administer and brought absolutely no business benefit.

There is a learning curve to install automation, which is at times steep, but the benefits are worth the effort. What automation does do very successfully is to free up time and energy to focus on important musical and creative issues knowing that your choir’s administration is running successfully in the background.

Susan & Chris Cox
Grand Union Community Choir


Ready to help your choir become the best it can be, musically, commercially and socially?

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You will be taken through the software, it’s capabilities and application as well as give you an insight into automation and the opportunities available.

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Start making your business run automatically and free up your time to do what you thrive at most rather than repetitive tasks and administration.

Lifecycle Automation

*All prices quoted are excluding VAT and subject to our terms and conditions.. Minimum 12  month contract.  Service credit applied after 3rd month of service. Data Import up to 2hrs included.