What Does It Take To Deliver a Great Choral Performance ?


With choirs being so hip and cool these days (quite rightly, it’s been a long time coming!), here are my Top 5 Tips on what it takes to deliver a great choral performance ?


1 – Don’t hide behind your music If you are using music, don’t hide behind it. So many choral singers are blocked by their music – it creates a barrier between you and your audience. Know you music well enough so that if you are using music, you only need it for reference. Hold it low down and away from your head and chest area.

2 – Connect with the music You will not always love the piece you are performing, though it certainly helps if you do! Either way, you need to connect with the music, understand it and deliver it with passion, conviction and character.

3 – Engage your audience Remember, though you love what you do and the way singing makes you feel, it is your audience who is there to listen and watch you perform (and potentially who have paid a lot of money to be there!). They want to be moved, enlightened and taken on a journey to forget everything else going on in their lives at that moment. You have the power to do this with your performance. Perform to your audience as though you are singing to one person. Connect with the words – the music is wonderful but on it’s own can be meaningless. It’s the words which tell the story. And it’s your audience who you need to tell it to. Make every performance count, by exciting your audience and leave them wanting more.

4 – Unite as one Every person in a choir is responsible for the choir’s performance and sound. Many choir members think standing at the back is a way of hiding. Of course they want to be there but often they are less confident and try to hide or mix in with the rest of the group. But actually, everyone has a duty to deliver and is part of the overall sound. Often the stronger singers are placed at the back of a choir to help balance, or mixed in with those less confident. Whichever your Musical Director has chosen, as individuals you are responsible for your own performance. Do not follow others. You contribute to your voice section. Each voice section contributes to the overall sound of the choir. The choir as a whole then engages the audience. Every element counts.
5 – Deliver your finest performance every time Every performance counts. And it feels great to deliver a great performance – so do it! Never accept second best. Never go ‘through the motions’. Always think about what you are doing and how you are coming across. Give 100% energy, focus and commitment every time. Not only will your audience love you and your choir, but so will you, and as we all know singing has so many proven physical and psychological benefits. It makes you feel great, and giving that perfect performance makes you realise just why you do this. Enjoy yourself on stage and your audience will too.