Take A Break


Having spent several months working on various projects, working myself to the max, I am absolutely convinced that regular breaks are not only great for the mind and the body, but great for your attitude, your outlook, and your soul.

Here I am sat in a beautiful resort on the Greek island of Rhodes thinking about life, and letting my body recharge and prepare for the busy months ahead.

It is not until you actually stop and think about what you have been doing, what’s currently, and what your future holds, that you begin to realise just how important regular breaks are, and how important it is to reflect.

Your voice and your body may well need a regular break but it is your mindset as well. Whilst you need a break to rest and let your voice relax, a break allows you to reflect on what has been great and what could be improved; it also gives you a chance to think about what you would like to change, and to step back and look at yourself objectively.

I for one am very passionate about being the very best I can be, to regularly review myself and my objectives, my goals and my ambition, and to make sure I am on track.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good break. Everyone is different, some people love the sun, the beach, the pool; some people just like a quiet hotel, garden or open space; some people like to stay close to home, some people like to get far away to totally isolate themselves. It doesn’t matter where you go, it just matters that you do get a break and a chance to reflect, recoup and plan ahead.

I’ve been away now just for five days and I’m already feeling totally relaxed clearheaded and ready for some exciting projects ahead, but I also have some new ideas, and that’s always a great thing.

It’s just really important to get some time out to give yourself and your body a break from the norm and the rat race of life and work.

Don’t take too long to plan your next break whether it be for a weekend and week or a month, just take some time for yourself to think, reflect and plan, but most importantly to just stop for a while……. and breathe.