Do You Have A Big Enough Ego for Social Media ?



It never ceases to amaze me just how many people use social media as a way to make themselves seem self-important. It questions exactly what social media is for and for who’s benefit ?

When Facebook started in 2004, it was a means to share memories, keep in touch with friends and family, and let people know what you are doing by way of a status. Nowadays, more and more people use it to aid their ever-growing ego, trying to appear better than anyone else. It is no wonder, the whole social media scene is over-saturated and becoming more and more diluted.

Posts used to last hours if not days, and you noticed so much more than you do now. You spend half an hour perusing through the latest Twitter posts, seeing hundreds of different posts, and within seconds, you’ve forgotten most of them as they all start to blend into one.

Despite the more and more people I meet who don’t use social media anymore (or never have!), they see much more content with life and less pressured to tell the world about their every move and emotion. They have more to talk about when you meet them, more photos to show, more experiences to share. It becomes engaging again to meet people you have not spoken to in a long while, to see what they have been doing in their lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I am an avid social media user. But I use it less and less now for personal emotive speeches and declarations. I use it as a tool, to read the latest news, research products and services, and for education. But quite honestly, I for one am getting bored of it now. I spend hours looking at Facebook and then wonder why my productivity has waned, why I am rushing around and not getting important things done. It’s a distraction, not just a useful tool. A double-edged sword.

The thing that really gets me rialled are the people who use social media for effect, for reaction and for self-importance. No, I don’t mean those who are promoting their latest work or projects, or those celebrating achievements. These should be embraced. I mean the people who boast. The people who say things to get a reaction, those looking for attention, those boasting about the people they have met or who they claim they will be working with. Does anyone really care ? Yes, be proud of your success, your achievements, and we all need a pat on the back once in a while, but honestly there are those who just want attention to look more important than the rest.

I won’t be naming people in this post, but I do hope they read it (though I doubt they will!) and realise just what self-righteous, egotistical buffoons they are whose self-importance seems to be of more interest to themselves than anyoine, by the reaction they often get – in some cases, none.

I am great believer in striving for the very best, for celebrating great achievements and goals, but equally, let’s not rub other people’s noses into things just to make ourselves feel better. If you need more self-confidence, more self-belief, more self-respect, then go out there and do some good in the world for others, set yourself a goal and achieve it, make history; but quite honestly, if you win the lottery, we really don’t care!