Hello, and welcome to A Life In Music®.

I am passionate about my industry and my work,  and decided to launch this site to help performers out there who want to be the very best they can be.

It’s aimed at:

  • Performers

  • Choirs

  • Musical Directors

  • Theatre Groups

Whether you are a professional, love to perform, or simply have an interest in being your very best, this site is here to help.

With features, interviews, top tips and a dedicated podcast, there’s plenty here to help you thrive and love what you do.

Not Just Another Website

The website platform consists of blogs, guest articles, podcasts, video blogs and discussion.  There is something here for all performers no matter whether you are professional or not, learning the craft or just interested in being a better you.
You’ll find tons of useful information and links as well as resources to help you grow and develop as a performer.

Your Love To Perform

You have visited this site because you are a performer and love what you do, right? – let’s face it, if you didn’t love it, you wouldn’t do it, so why not be your very best? This website platform is designed to help you get the best out of what you do and support you in the process.

The Podcast

The Podcast is a regular update on life as a performer with helpful tips & tricks and behind the scenes stuff to keep you motivated and focused on what you do.

The Video Blog

The Video Blog is more up front and dynamic approach to the Podcast with additional practical support such as warm ups and insights into music.  You can watch me face to face rather than just hearing the voice!

Join The Community

This website platform is here to bring people together, so please share articles, podcasts and useful stuff which you think will help others too.  But also, don’t forget to comment and discuss articles of interest.  The performance world is very large but it is also a community of like-minded creatives who share the same passions and interests.

Stay In Touch

Don’t forget to stay in touch, subscribe to the newsletter and podcasts and check back regularly.  Commitment is everything in this professional.  Keep doing what you do and do it well.  And I’m here to support you do exactly that.